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Partisan Cues

Welcome! My name is Timothy Vande Krol. Here, I outline two proposals to increase political parties' involvement in direct democracy. First, I recommend that states include parties' initiative endorsements on the ballot. This simple change would help voters make informed decisions, while narrowing the policy gap between representative and direct democracy.

Second, I propose an alternative method of ballot qualification for parties. Rather than collecting signatures, each party would receive ballot access for a number of statutory initiatives proportional to its support among voters. Although this would increase the number of initiatives on the ballot, voters could rely on partisan cues to make competent decisions. Incorporating the principle of proportional representation into direct democracy would reform the process while providing many benefits of multipartyism.


About the author: After serving in the U.S. Navy, I received a degree in philosophy and history from Cal Poly Pomona. I live in Anaheim, California. If you have any questions or comments about these proposals, please contact me.

Acknowledgments: These proposals were presented at the 34th Annual CSU, SSRIC Student Research Conference and the symposium on California Direct Democracy: The Next 100 Years. I am very grateful to Joe Mathews for inviting me to participate in the symposium and to Sara Reinosa for designing this website.